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Mark Benevolent Fund

During the financial year ended 31/03/18 the Provincial Benevolent Fund donated £5715.62 and £1600.00, respectively, to the Mark Benevolent Fund Charity Walk and Shelter Box  Appeals. Latch, the South Wales based children’s cancer charity, received £1000.00, Crossroads Groups in the Three Dyfed counties £500.00 each, and the Aberaeron First Response Vehicle Appeal £250.00. 
Four Thousand four hundred pounds was used by the Provincial Almoner to assist Dyfed Mark brethren in need, £3900.00 of this obtained through grants from the Mark Benevolent Fund. 
End of year accounts indicate Dyfed can continue to meet its commitments to the Mark Benevolent Fund and also contribute effectively to local causes and to Mark Brethren in need..
However, the wheels may not always oil themselves and raised income would not only ensure stability but potentially increase our efficacy in assisting deserving causes.
Ideally the extra should come from an increased number of brethren making regular donations, according to their means.
Out of a year book recorded membership of 333 in the 10 “non-past master” lodges 94 (28%) currently make individual regular contributions to the PBF and/or MBF. This is disappointing. 
The Provincial totals collected for the MBF Charity Walk and Shelter Box Appeals suggest that brethren respond positively when they have a greater input into or idea of where their money is going.
Consequently it is proposed that during 2018-19, in recognition of the 150th anniversary of Mark Charity, that is the foundation of the Mark Benevolent Fund, each Dyfed non-Past Master Mark Lodge will be allocated £1500 from the Provincial Benevolent Fund to donate to its choice of local causes for the disadvantaged and those less fortunate. Full details will follow.
Bob Davies
Provincial Grand Charity Steward PGL of MMM of Dyfed

Mark Benevolent Fund – Guide to Eligibility

Mark Benevolent Fund Guide to Honorifics

The Fund came into existence in 1868 on the suggestion of the Reverend George Raymond Portal, Grand Master of the Mark. His views on charity were far more radical and progressive than the general thinking of the time. He felt that for charity to be effective it had to be disbursed swiftly and without the bureaucratic formalities of other Masonic charities. To him it was wrong for there to be any delay in providing assistance to those in need and his own Latin tag “Bis dat qui cito dat” – he gives twice who gives promptly – became, and still is, the principal guideline of the M.B.F.
The Fund has disbursed many millions to individual petitioners and an even greater sum in grants to charities within the wider community. A major grant of £1.6m has been made to the RNLI help fund a new life boat, Addenbrooke’s Hospital Trust received over £2m for machines to help in the diagnosis of prostate cancer and a pledge of £2.6 million has been made to Hope for Tomorrow Cancer Charity for the purchase of mobile chemotherapy units throughout the UK. These projects can only be funded with your help and dedication to the fund.

2017 - MBF Walk ...

Congratulations to our Dyfed Walking Team - VW Bro Gary Hicks, WBro Adrian Thomas and WBro David Doyle.


The Dyfed Team completed the 7.5. mile walk in 2hr and 20 min, which is very good indeed. W.Bro Adian wore a Red Dragon costume all the way!

if anyone has not donated to the MBF Walk, please do so.

This can be done by visiting the MBF website:


Message from Pro Grand Master Richard Wallis



Message from VW Bro Gary Hicks - PGM Designate

So far we have raised, excluding gift aid, the magnificent sum of £6,840.69, 
Seven Mark Lodges have contributed - Mansel, Picton Castle,St.Brides, Lliedi, Penfro, Loventium, and Aberystwyth contributed a total of £1700.
Dyfed RAM contributed £500 - a huge amount for a lodge of just over 30 members. 

Many thanks to the  Province of West Wales for their donation of £1000, a lovely example of the support we receive from our Leaders and Brethren in the craft!
Individuals have contributed £430 via the province and £ 1035 online. A total of £1465.

Details are shown below

Cheque Presentation from West Wales Craft  Province at  Picton Castle Lodge

Contributions from Lodges are summarised below.  Once again,  Many thanks Gary
V W Bro Gareth R Hicks PGJO, DepPGM, PGM Designate