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Provincial News

Provincial Golf - May 18th Derllys Golf Club 

Appointments and promotions made at the 2017 Dyfed Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting.

Appointments to be made at the 2018 Dyfed Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting ( June 30th 2018)

General Purposes Committee for the Province of Dyfed.

The General Purposes Committee will be held at Carmarthen on Saturday 14th April 2018. It will be a morning meeting commencing at 10am and finishing by 12.30pm.

The format will change slightly from previous years, personal invitations to attend will be sent to the following officers of the lodge, Worshipful Master, Treasurer, Secretary, Charity Steward and Almoner. There will be brief presentations aimed at each of these key offices, simply to being everyone up to date on changes anticipated in the near future. But the committee also provides an oppourtunity to share any problems and to indentify  potential solutions.

Further information from your Lodge Secretary